Fund Raising Committee Forming

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to come together and form a short-term committee on fund raising. Several ideas are in the works. Please contact our incoming Board President Barbara Harteis at

Interested in Learning More about Unitarian Universalists and UUFP?

Contact: Gloria Finch

Sign Up for UUPLAN’s Monthly Newsletter

UUPLAN (The UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network) puts out a monthly newsletter chock full of information about their actions to advocate for legislation that promotes UU values.  To receive their newsletters by email, go to, click the “NEWS” tab and then choose “Sign up for monthly newsletter and action alerts.”

Announcements from the UUFP Board

Any work above budget that expects payment needs pre-approval by the UUFP Board of Trustees. This applies to all Committees with line items in the UUFP budget. This does not apply for existing expenses which fall into Membership approved committee budgets. For more information please consult us. The current Board members are:

  • Barbara Harteis, President
  • Susan Lyons, Vice President
  • Paul Gilbo, Secretary
  • Anthony Estorque, co-Treasurer
  • Kim Blomquist, co-Treasurer
  • Ken LeSure, Trustee
  • Julie Estorque, Trustee
  • Glenda Dawson, Trustee

Thank you for you cooperation.

The Board has set the following schedule for the upcoming year: 

  • Pledge Drive begins Sunday, April 1, 2018.
  • Annual Meeting is Sunday, May 20, 2018. Pledge drive ends.